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Experio is an IT company delivering services and solutions for banking and financial business

We are creating effective technology centers integrated in key business processes of our customers delivering complex solutions leading business to success.

Experio has successful experience creating several b2c solutions driven from idea to production launch.

Providing our customers with necessary engineering talent we are creating opportunities for professional and careers growth for your employees.

Lead QA engineer send resume
We are looking for an experienced leader for the quality assurance team.Requirements:
  • Deep knowledge in the are of quality assurance including processes, methodology and tooling
  • Experience in team management at least 1 year
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience in the financial are would be a benefit
Senior QA engineer send resume
We are looking for an experienced engineer for the quality assurance team. Requirements:
  • Deep knowledge in the area of quality assurance including processes, methodology and tooling
  • Experience in functional testing at least 3 years
  • Experience with Oracle or MSSQL
  • Knowledge of XML
  • Experience in the financial area would be a benefit
Senior software engineer send resume
Our team is in extreme want of experience developer who:
  • Knows C# and .NET 2.04.0 (core, WinForms, multithreading, ClickOnce, teamcity) on an expert level.
  • Experienced in .NET architecture
  • Understands key design patterns and has a pratical experience
  • Knows OOP
  • Works with Oracle PL/SQL.
Tasty cookies We are offering:
  • Interesting white salary
  • LCA program with a maximum range of clinics and services
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Career and professional growth


Our key area of expertise is information technologies for financials and banking. Our employees have a huge experience delivering successful projects for the customers in this area.

Creating technology centers according to the actual requirements Experio enables business growth for the customers. Supplying necessary resources and IT infrastructure Experio manages rapid changes on market or other customers' business requirements.

Based on experience received in dedicated technology centers Experio develops own software products for financial and banking businesses. Systems that do not require integration in the customer’s infrastructure are offered on the SaaS model allowing low time­to­market paid on per request basis without any infrastructure investments.

Center of expertise for FC Otkrytie

Our customer was provided with off­site (Saratov based) team of skilled professionals in the area of software development, analysis, quality assurance and maintenance. Our team is deeply integrated in the customers' business processes and producing huge value in collaboration with internal IT specialists.

Request processing portal

Experio team has designed and developed solution to manage request for internal bank's IT support and infrastructure services. Web­based solution designed multi­platform allowing assess from desktops, smartphones and tablets works based on OTRS systems extending its functionality. Portal interface allows to create and track tickets and provides all necessary functionality to manage, approve and execute requests.

System went to the production in 2014 in a business with thousands of end­users.

Interface for counterparty background checking

The product developed for customers working in a b2b area and enables online access for necessary information about counterparty business activity and financial performance. Based on SaaS model service avoids any infrastructure investments and maintenance costs for the customers and allows transparent pricing and predictable operating costs require only per request payments.

Service went to the production in 2015 and currently is going through implementation in the large­scaled regional bank in Saratov.